Flexible & voluntary benefits

Everyone is different and, when it comes to employee benefits, one size rarely fits all. That’s why more and more employers are taking a flexible approach to their employee benefit schemes.

Orb can help you:

  • assess the different employee groups in your workforce - understanding their varying benefit needs
  • decide on the optimal degree of flexibility to offer within your employee benefits package
  • create a simple, effective reward solution based on your business and HR objectives and the needs of your employees
  • find the most appropriate benefit providers and solutions to create your bespoke employee benefit programme

A full flexible benefits scheme is right for some businesses, but not others. Although flexible benefit arrangements have become more accessible to smaller employers over time, proper consideration must be given to the communication, administration and costs associated with flex schemes.

We help you find the right approach to take in your business, which may include one or a mix of:

core benefits - flexible benefits - tiered solutions - voluntary benefits - deals and discount schemes

Workplace pension schemes

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Employee benefits briefing

Employee benefits briefing

This briefing looks at the key things you should consider when developing your employee benefits strategy.

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